Strong Families = Strong Kids = Strong Communities

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit oriented  Southeast
Michigan parents and practitioners to
Community Cafe`s in
April 2011 with the support of the National Alliance of Children's
Trust and Prevention Funds and Michigan's Children Trust Fund
(in honor of Child Abuse and Awareness Prevention Month)!


Parental Resilience
Social Connections
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
Concrete Support in Times of Need
Social and Emotional Competence

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit Vision -  equal opportunities, and better futures for all children, families, and communities; especially, those most often left behind”. We vision a community-driven,
family-focused '
system of care'  caring community, with capacity to serve varying needs of diverse
families. ALL programs and services serving children, youth, and families are nurturers of protective
factors and promote social and emotional well-being. As a result, more organizations are engaging
youth and parents. Parents are well informed leaders and effective advocates for their children. Children
and young adults are learning leadership and valuing community service as parents are invited and
welcomed at decision-making tables.

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit Strategies -

•        Increase awareness of the strengthening families protective factors
•        Share news, strategies, implementation and evaluation tools, and opportunities
•        Coordinate, support, disseminate, build capacity, and sustain
•        Facilitate friendships and mutual supports
•        Strengthen parenting and leadership skills
•        Facilitate children’s social and emotional development
•        Respond to family crisis with resources and referrals
•        Link families to concrete services, supports, and opportunities
•        Observe and respond to early warning signs of child abuse and neglect in families we serve
•        Value and support youth, parents, caregivers, and partners in movement to reform systems

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit Desired Outcomes -

•        ALL children are SAFE
•        Adults and children are free from abuse and neglect
•        Children are physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and strong
•        Children are ready for school and succeeding in school
•        Families are well-informed, empowered, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fit
•        Families and communities are strong and developing economically and socially
•        Parent leaders are developing, children and young adults are learning leadership

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit Values -

•        Parent led activities in which promote practice that support empowering families
•        Child-centered and family focused services and programs
•        Effective, comprehensive, and coordinated strategies specific to diverse needs of families
•        Supports provided in the least restrictive environment as possible
•        Supports responsive to cultural, racial, and ethnic differences within community
•        Supports driven by the community’s needs and lack of available programs and services
•        Transparency & Accountability

It’s About Relationships --- “Relationships plus resources equals results.”

It’s About Partnerships --- "The axiom that two heads are better than one IS true when it comes to
strengthening families in a holistic way."
(Building Collaborative Partnerships, Learning Point

It’s About Communication --- We believe communicating in an effective way will prevent confusion and
duplication of services in excess. The right hand should know what the left hand is doing, so hands
aren't all doing the same thing or missing something (under-serving). The more clear and concise we
are, the more effective our message.

It’s About Collaboration --- By working together, thinking, and planning, the individuals and groups that
make a collaborative can accomplish goals that neither could achieve alone.

It’s About Accountability --- Children are gifts from God and we are stewards over them. Psalm 127:3.
Therefore,  We hold ourselves accountable for the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional well-being of
children AND their families.

It’s About Change --- “Levers for change = Strong Families  = Strong Kids = Strong Communities

•        Parent partnerships
•        Family strengthening child welfare practice
•        Infrastructure and policy changes
•        Multi-systems integration
•        Professional development for ALL

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit Partners --- provide input and support for Strengthening
Families, including:

•        Program assessment for building protective factors and evaluations
•        Coordinate and monitor implementation of individual care plans with parent partners
•        Develop strategy, engage, track, and evaluate success of collaborative
•        Integrating Strengthening Families into existing planning processes
•        Integrating Strengthening Families into the work of organizations, businesses, and schools
•        Building and sustaining relationships with key agencies and partners
•        Conducting public relations and fun raising activities
•        Identifying and addressing barriers for SFMD and gaps in community services

Strengthening Families Metro Detroit - could use your help. Teams across the country have
implemented the Strengthening Families approach and doing groundbreaking work to integrate the
Protective Factors across child-and-family-focused systems. The SF National Network offer varying
opportunities, to learn from others doing the SF work, and to share learning experiences and best
Your active involvement in the Network will enrich SF and help transform systems that
support children and families
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Strengthening Families Metro Detroit is seeking members and/or partners willing to share their God
given talents and abilities to do a good work.

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